2024 Toyota Tacoma vs 2024 GMC Sierra 1500

2024 Toyota Tacoma vs 2024 GMC Sierra 1500

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma and the 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 are the two most popular midsize pickup trucks. They offer a wide range of features and technology, but have some differences.

In this article, I will compare the 2024 Tacoma and 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 interior ,exterior, features, performance, towing and hauling capacity and the safety.

Exterior Design

2024 Toyota Tacoma:

Tacoma has been redesigned to a cool new look which is ready for outdoor adventure while keeping its classic look.

Tacoma high clearance front bumper enhances the off-road capabilities which provide confidence while driving on most tough terrain. The Tacoma exterior is more functional than staying on the look. They can face any tough challenges that come in their way.

The Tacome’s chrome-finished alloy wheels can tackle any challenging terrains, enhancing the truck’s performance and design.

2024 GMC Sierra 1500:

The 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 is a light duty pickup truck with bold and heroic design. The Sierra has been redesigned with new grille and front Fascia which add a unique and commanding presence.

The Sierra 1500 has various wheel options, including 20-inch gloss-black aluminum wheels for the Sierra HD AT4, that add a rugged and beautiful look to its appearance. Sierra provides premium bumpers features adding an stunning stylish exterior.

The GMC Sierra 1500 comes with various color options including white frost tricoat, summit white, downpour metallic and more.

Interior Features

2024 Toyota Tacoma:

Tacoma uses a lot of comfort, technology, and safety features. The fancy inside of the Limited trim looks really cool with high quality touches. The IsoDynamic front seats provide a smooth and confident ride.

To carry more cargo than passengers, an XtraCab is designed so that you can organize things in your way. You will find additional storage space by flip and fold the Tacoma Double Can.

2024 GMC Sierra 1500:

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a full-size pickup truck with a comfortable and well-equipped interior. The GMC infotainment screen with bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is available inside the cabin. 

Sierra 1500 focuses on every element with more advanced technology and features. High quality materials have been used, like leather upholstery and premium finishes. Also a standard 13.4 inch touchscreen provides you the best entertainment opportunity.

Extra Feature in 2024 Tacoma and 2024 GMC Sierra 1500:

Tacoma has a unique feature, the hidden QR code on the driver side. Once you scanned the code, you will be redirected to a site where all kinds of 3D printable accessories like a toolkit or lantern can be accessed. The second unique feature that the GMC does not have is a upgraded JBL Audio sound system with a center speaker in the dashboard.

On the other hand the GMC Sierra 1500 available unique features include, best in class crew cab legroom, and 10 way power front.

Engine and Performance

The 2024 Tacoma comes with two engines, a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine while higher trims include 278 and 326 horsepower and 317 lb torque. The fuel efficiency of the Tacoma is estimated to be 24 mpg in city and 30 mpg on highway while the GMC Sierra fuel efficiency lies between 14-23 mpg in city and 17-27 mpg on highway.

The GMC Sierra 1500 has four engines, including 2.7L Turbo , 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel, 5.3L V8, and 6.2L V8. Each engine delivers a power of 310, 277, 355, and 420 horsepower respectively.

These powerful engines of the GMC Sierra make it more suitable for towing and hauling capacity than Tacoma. However, it is important to note that Tacoma isn’t lacking in power. In fact, it has a distinct advantage, it excels in off-road adventures and can navigate rugged terrains with ease.

Towing and hauling capacity

The 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 offers double towing capacity then the 2024 Tacoma. The towing capacity of the 2024 GMC ranges from 8,800 to 13,300 pounds, depending on the different trim levels. On the other hand, the maximum towing capacity of the 2024 Taocma is 6,500 pounds.

The GMC Sierra 1500 is best suited for towing and hauling while Tacoma is better for lighter to moderate towing capacity.

Some factors like cab size, bed length, and engine option affect the towing capacity. Generally, increase in towing and hauling, decrease the fuel economy. Tacoma has less towing capacity but has more powerful off-road capabilities.


The new 2024 Tacoma Safety Sense 3.0 includes many safety features, including the Pre-Collision system to help detect vehicles,  lane departure assist to detect speed above 30 mph, and the lane tracing assist to keep your vehicle in the center lane. Additionally, the road signs detect the speed limit signs, stop signs, do not enter signs, yield signs and certain warning signs. 

In contrast, the GMC Sierra 1500 offers comprehensive and advanced safety and driver assistance features. Some of the features include, lane departure and lane collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. Higher trim includes blind spot monitoring rear cross traffic and parking sensors.

The lane tracing assist of Tacoma is better if your focus is on highway driving and lane discipline. Sierra camera view and the night vision camera may be more beneficial than Tacoma.


The 2024 Tacoma and the 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 come with advanced features and capabilities which make them one of the best pickups. The Tacoma offers more off-road capabilities while the GMC has more towing and hauling capacity.  

Tacoma comes with two engines, 278 and 326 horsepower while the 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 has a more powerful engine then the 2024 Tacoma, with the power of 310, 277, 355, and 420

If you prioritize off-road adventures then 2024 Tacoma is best. On the other hand, if your job is carrying the load through the vehicle, the GMC Sierra 1500 is better fit.