2024 Toyota Tacoma vs 2024 Ram 1500

2024 Toyota Tacoma vs 2024 Ram 1500

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma and 2024 Ram 1500 are the modern vehicles of the year 2024 with exclusive features and technology. They used many advanced techniques to make their vehicles better than their previous ones.

Tacoma offers more functionality to give you the best off-road adventure, while the Ram has been focused on the luxurious interior and exterior. The Tacoma also looks stunning, but Ram used a softer and smoother leather material. 

In this article, I will demonstrate the comparison of the new 2024 models of Tacoma and Ram 1500. I will also guide you in these two pickup senses so you can get an idea of which truck is best for you.


2024 Toyota Tacoma:

The interior of the 2024 Tacoma is rugged and functional, with improved materials and design, digital gauge clusters, adjustable seating, and diverse cab and bed options. Tacoma uses high-quality plastics, but in higher trims cloth or SofTex upholstery offers super comfort.

Everything is designed with more functionality and durability. The knobs and buttons are large and easily accessible, while there is a storage compartment for your gear and equipment. 

2024 Ram 1500: 

The 2024 Ram 1500 offers a more spacious and luxurious interior with an all-new infotainment system featuring a vivid 12-inch touchscreen, 12-inch digital driver display, head-up display, etc.

Some trims keep a luxurious approach, while others, like the Rebel, add unique touches such as red stitching and performance gauges, catering to different preferences.


2024 Toyota Tacoma:

Rugged and boxy: 

Tacoma is specially made for off-road, featuring a rugged and boxy shape, shorter wheelbase, and high fenders. Tacoma is known for its best performance for off-road adventure. This truck can handle any diverse terrain.

Off-road focus: 

Tacoma’s every aspect highlights its capability. The pronounced wheel arches accommodate rugged tires, and a high ground clearance is used to overcome obstacles.

Less chrome, more purpose:

 The Tacoma prioritizes function instead of being stylish. There are more shiny chrome details and more exposed black plastic, focusing on durability rather than decorations.

2024 Ram 1500:

Sleek and Modern:

The Ram 1500 appears in a contrasting vision, exuding confidence and a powerful posture. It is designed to catch attention on the highway and earn respect on the job site.

Diverse Personality: 

Having different trim levels, the 2024 Ram offers various looks. You can choose from the rugged Rebel with its blacked-out accents and off-road skills or the fancy Limited with shiny chrome and large sunroofs.

Emphasis on presence: 

Chrome plays a big role in the 2024 Ram’s style, decorating the grills, bumpers, and wheels. It adds a touch of elegance and grandeur. The longer wheelbase also contributes to its impressive look.

Available trim levels: 

2024 Tacoma: The available trim levels for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma include SR, SR5, TRD PreRunner, TRD Sport, TRD Off-road, Limited Trailhunter, and TRD Pro.

2024 Ram 1500: Trim levels of Ram 1500 include Tradesman, Tradesman HFE, Big Horn, Laramie, Rebel, Limited Longhorn, and Limited.

Ultimately, the choice between interior and exterior depends on you. If you prioritize functionality over luxury, then Tacoma is the best. On the other hand, if you desire spaciousness and luxury, the 2024 Ram is a better fit.

Engine and Performance 

The engine of the 2024 Ram 1500 is more powerful than the 2024 Tacoma. The Ram 1500 offers three engine options, including 305, 395, and 702 horsepower, while the 2024 Tacoma has two engines, 278 and 326 horsepower. 

The transmission options for the 2024 Tacoma are 8-speed Auto or 6-speed Manual, while the 2024 Ram 1500 comes with 8-speed Automatic Transmission. The actual transmission, like towing capacity and fuel efficiency, may vary depending on the engine and transmission combination.

The 2024 Ram 1500 offers a maximum towing capacity of 12,500 pounds. The fuel efficiency of the Tacoma is not released yet but it can be estimated to 24 mpg in the city, 30 mpg on the highway, and 27 mpg combined, while the 2024 Ram 1500 has a fuel efficiency of 19 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway.

Technology and Safety Features

Tacoma focuses on functionality with essential tech features and an optional larger touchscreen. They also offer off-road specific information such as Multi-terrain selection. Tacoma is ideal for off-road enthusiasts, weekend warriors, adventures, and those who prioritize fuel efficiency.

The Ram 1500 offers a large touchscreen and intensive features, including a luxurious and connected driving experience. This truck is especially for those needing a truck for work, towing, hauling, or enjoyment.

The 2024 Ram 1500 offers safety and driver assistance features, including Electronic Stability Control, Electronic Roll Mitigation, Blind Spot Monitoring System, Rear Cross Path and Trailer Detection, Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking and more. On the other hand, the 2024 Tacoma comes with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, which has been improved with more sensors for better detection.


The MSRP of the Tacoma starts at $31,500, while for the 2024 Ram 1500, the MSRT is $39,420. However, you will find various pricing values on different sources. The price may vary depending on different trim levels and the additional options you selected. 

Here is a starting MSRP for each trim of 2024 Tacoma and 2024 Ram 1500.

2024 Toyota TacomaPrice2024 Ram 1500Price
SR5$36,200Tradesman HFE$41,060
TRD PreRunner$38,100Big Horn$44,830
TRD Sport$39,400Laramie$54,880
TRD Off-road$41,800Rebel$59,595
Limited $52,100Limited Longhorn$62,190
Trailhunter$Coming SoonLimited$66,055
TRD Pro$Coming Soon


In conclusion, the 2024 Tacoma is best for adventures as Tacoma works on its functionality to improve off-road performance, while the Ram 1500 has more luxurious and spacious interior features. 

The performance of the Ram is more powerful than the Tacoma as they used 3 engine options while Tacoma has only 2 engines. Some features, like the fuel efficiency of the Tacoma, are higher than the Ram, but on the other hand, the Ram has more towing capacity.

Both trucks come with advanced interior and exterior features and various trim levels. Tacoma has 8 trim levels, while Ram has 7 with advanced features and technology. The MSRP of Ram is a little more expensive than Tacoma, starting at $39,420, while Tacoma has an MSRT of $31,500.